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Lessons for our Future Selves:

Wisdom from Harvard and
the oldest of the old.

Leslie Gold, a distinguished broadcaster and storyteller, combines data from Harvard with riveting and emotional stories from her interviews with hundreds of older folks to reveal how the last 30 years of our lives can be our best years.


Among the timely topics she will discuss:


• 50% of people get happier as they get to their 60s, 70s and 80s and beyond. How can you be among them?

• How the last 30 years of your life can be your best years.

• How to remain joyful in life while outliving family and friends.

• Why high achievers are often the least happy in later life, and how to avoid that trap.

* How lifelong learning is crucial to both the way you live and the way you age

* The essential concept of agency, and the simplest way to use it in times of difficulty


Leslie's inspiring talk includes audio excerpts from her interviews with special 80, 90 and 100- plus-year-olds whose stories illustrate the important lessons in her presentation.


bio info:


Leslie Gold has spent her career as a top-rated, major market on-air media talent, and successful entrepreneur. As a multiple industry award winner, she has been recognized as one of the top radio hosts in the U.S. She was known as The Radiochick and was a talk radio fixture in the nations's #1 market, NYC from 1999-2016.


Leslie is the founder of A Life's Story- a service that creates archival-quality audio documentaries of the life stories of parents or grandparents for their families. She is also the host and producer of the acclaimed A Life’s Story podcast series and speaks regularly to groups on the subject of how the last 30 years of your life can be your best years.


Naturally curious and empathetic, Leslie Gold has moved listeners to both laughter and tears. As a veteran NYC broadcaster, she has interviewed presidents, politicians, newsmakers, business leaders, and celebrities.


Before entering broadcasting, Leslie owned a manufacturing company based in Connecticut. During her ten years running the company, she took it from a small family business to an industry leader with 165 employees across 3 locations. She exited by selling her business to a Fortune 100 company. Leslie is a graduate of the Harvard Business School.


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