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  Persuasion through Storytelling


Change Minds, Touch hearts, Open wallets

Leslie Gold "The Radiochick" went from being a complete unknown to building army of over 1 million rabid listeners in her decade-plus on the air in New York City. Upon being fired from her on-air position, her devoted followers self-mobilized, sending 10,000 letters to her employer, CBS Radio, demanding that she be re-hired...which she was. In her prior life, as the CEO of a165-employee window manufacturing company, Leslie used her unique methods of communicating to obtain a 5 million dollar loan from a bank when she wasn't worth $5,000, to defeat a union organizing effort and to convince her suppliers to extend terms to her company that were unprecedented in her industry.

Leslie Gold has moved groups of people, both big and small, to action. She now brings her media-proven techniques to non-media companies, and demonstrates precisely how to deploy these techniques in common business situations.

Clients include York Capital, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Aspetuck Land Trust, Harvard Business School Alumni, Connecticut Women's Network, National Association of Music Manufacturers, Seurat Consulting

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